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Old 23rd May 2020
Here for the gear

How do you guys about creating more "space" in your beats/mix ?

Hey guys,

I got into making beats a couple of months ago, mainly for hip hop/rap, an issue that I am constantly struggling with is getting the beat to sound spacier and less "trapped in a box", I use Fl studio 20 and learned about panning and playing with the stereo knobs for different parts of the mix, but it still doesn't sound right (better than the early beats I used to make thats for sure)

Here is the Track :

What I did is mono the kick and bass (bass has 1 side chain channel and another channel that I routed the side chain to, both are set all the way to mono)
Melodies are stereo (I went about 20% separation on the low melodies and 50-60% on the high melodies)
For panning I only pan high hats to the left about 15%, and for melodies it's left panning for the low melodies, right panning for the high ones (about 60-70% on each side)
I have all my melodies routed to a mixer channel with reverb on it, size knob is about 50%, decay around 30%. Dry level around 70% and wet level around 60%.
Finally I used maximus for more stereo separation and changed band regio for lows to go up to the low-end of the drums (about 75hz), and for the highs I go down to about 3.5k hz. Again I make the lows 100% mono, mids I went 45% and highs 65%.

There is no sample used, I used VSTs sakura, Nexus and omnisphere

Can you guys please tell me what you think and what you would do different ?

Thanks in advance I appreciate the help !