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Old 23rd May 2020
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Sad Lil Skies Type Beat

Sorry to bother you this my first post, I wanted to know what I can do to spread out the sounds on my beat more, it sounds too "boxed" compared to other beats Im hearing from other people. This is the beat :

What do you guys think ?

I got the kick, bass and other lows as mono, left some of the drums as is (did not touch the stereo/mono knob), melodies about 25-50% stereo, low melodies panned about 25% to the left and high melodies to the right (25-50%), hi-hats are panned 15-20% to the left (I think they sound ok, it's the melodies that bother me).

Both melodies and drums are side chained to the bass (threshold about 20%, ratio 4 to 1)

Bass is EQ at -10DB on the sub frequency band to give more space to the kick
Melodies are EQ to the middle, I got rid of all the sub and only left a little bass, also EQ out the highs (got rid of most of the treble), and at around 1000hz I went -10 DB to create space for an artist's voice

I use Fl studio 20, any suggestions for making the melodies more spread out across the mix ?

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