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Can I just stop you for a minute?

You asked (here) about foam before and avare said it without mincing words:
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You have so many misconceptions.
Rather than continue that discussion you started another about foam and fabric (here) about which I asked you:
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Why foam?
Rather than answer that question you are now starting another new topic about foam, cardboard and foamular. Maybe by now you can see the pattern of advice you are getting and can predict what the advice will be regarding these materials.

If your intention is to keep starting new topics until you hear what you want to hear - that foam, cardboar and foamular are ideal for acoustics - then I fear you will be dissapointed. If, on other hand, you are open to hearing what works best and what is the best value for money then here is one of the right places.

I am sorry to be the bearer of unwanted news. Hopefully you will heed the warnings before you spend your budget on expensive or ineffective products.