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Old 23rd May 2020
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Ultrasonic (48 kHZ+) signal boost to lower noise floor?

Since most ADCs seem to use that technology (Delta-Sigma or similar sounding name) which raises the noise floor in ultrasonic frequencies, which is clearly visible in 192 kHz recording mode, and given that the intensity of ultrasonic frequencies in most audio content is negligible, I was wondering if it might be possible to effectively reduce the ultrasonic noise floor by boosting it by some 30-60 dB in the analogue domain before capturing the signal.

Is there any gear out there that can do this and do it without degrading the signal to a point where this whole endeavor becomes useless (read: in good quality)?

If not, how hard would it be to build something like this? Say, some kind of passive circuit which does this.

Then after recording, this EQ could be reversed, leading to a nice low ultrasonic noise floor.