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No arguments from me here. I am a bit of an old fart (38 y.o.)

Again, it's not fame and glory I'm after, just a small audience, one I can interact with, and to have a few gigs and laughs.
Ah ok then make music for fun and keep your day job then. My cousins in Greece (Crete) are musicians; they play traditional music all night, have fun, drink, get a small paycheque and get to do it again the next day, and that's fine.

I find musical taste isnt that important if you're building a legit career. I used to be in screamo bands, I used to listen to Limp Bizkit so much, Nu Metal, all that stuff. Went to the concerts etc. And I listen to the Nu Metal Generation playlist on Spotify once in a while when I play video games. It's a fun playlist to listen to just to listen to all the pretenciously awful music that I liked, including all the emo music garbage like The Used, Sugarcult, AFI and good old Panic at the disco.

Nostalgia is cool but I know that that time has passed and thankfully will never come back. I had awful taste, hell i was listening to Joy Division the other day, god it's such pretentious garbage but it's good in a bad way, everything is badly mixed, the performance is all over the place haha.

How many people is a small audience for you? Maybe check out "Com Truise see what music he does? I have a feeling that he's in the ballpark of what you want to make.