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Thanks for the feedback all!

Originally Posted by wagtunes View Post
The constant starting and stopping is jarring and breaks up the flow of the song. The structure also seems to be all over the place making it very difficult to follow. If there is a chorus, I'm having trouble determining where it is because in between the starts and stops, everything seems to run together.
Yeah, this is a tough one as the start/stop is the point of the song (a play on two steps forward, one step back) but I do hear what you hear in terms of flow. There's probably a way to do this without hitting the listener over the head with it.

Originally Posted by 64gtoboy View Post
IMHO this is way too quirky to be Country, Alt or otherwise. "Inspired by" maybe, but to my ears this is a Flaming Lips type of song and could do well in that setting. I think you kinda missed country by a bit this time.
Haha, yeah, again probably right on the money there. Not a bad place to be and the guys I'm passing this off to are huge Flaming Lips fans, except I was personally trying to get to that country place with it. Well sometimes ya gotta let the song tell you what it wants to be instead of forcing it.

Thanks for the feedback guys!