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Old 23rd May 2020
Here for the gear

Thanks guys!

Actually, if you want that Wu Tang sound you need to buy his new hand sanitizer
That **** is fantastic

BTW IMO 36 chambers is not in my Top10 when it comes to sound
Honestly - definitely! When it comes to sound it is actually (30 years later of course) even quite bad imo.

Yes I think your right with the SP1200 or the EPS but they most have done something when the sound came out of the SP-1200 that was basically my question. I don't want to make the sound from Wu-Tang back in the days I just like the warmth in it. Which I think could come from some outboard equipment. But I can be completely wrong and they just got it out of the drum machine and put the vocals on top of it..... I am curious on how they tweaked the sound when it came out the drum machine (tube compressor, saturation,...)