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I don't want to put denstrow down but I would say it isn't in style any more. It sounds pretty old school. Of course there is nothing wrong with that if that is what he likes making but it isn't up to date for the genre. And to be successful with that kind of music, the production needs to be quite a bit tighter IMO.

No arguments from me here. I am a bit of an old fart (38 y.o.), and not actively following many trends. I find more inspiration in older electronic/dance music for example, because it used to be new, exciting and people would try more different things, as some genres hadn't become formulaic yet (plus nostalgia, obviously). Production may be a lot better nowadays, but musically speaking, that's debatable.

As for production, it's a learning game; I prefer to compare to my older self - I'm better at it than I was some years ago, but like all of us, I keep learning and (hopefully) getting better. I listen to newer stuff to compare, but don't get down just because I might not be up to par. It takes time.

That said, I grew up with a lot of indie, DIY, experimental stuff, and 90s dance music, plus various genres and subgenres, and I've heard -and loved- all sorts of things regardless of production values - and I believe there's plenty of people that think that way. I'd take The Residents (even early stuff) and 80s TV Personalities over pretty much anything, for instance. Musicality for me trumps production, even if (here being Gearslutz, of course) some people might disagree.

Again, it's not fame and glory I'm after, just a small audience, one I can interact with, and to have a few gigs and laughs.