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Some people are very good at making music, and very bad at promoting themselves.

Some folks aren't all that good at making music, but they're damn good at promoting themselves.

This has always been the case.

It really doesn't matter about the "social media" element here:

The bottom line is that you may be very good at making music, and suck at promotion.

If this is true for you, then get somebody who's good at promotion (and let THEM worry about what kinda media to use).
Not disagreeing here at all. But the subject of "gatekeepers" are often brougt up as what used to be quality control, labels.
Now the gatekeeper seems to be online promotion, at least for pop music. We have "pop icons" that music is just ONE facet of their career and fame, and not even number 1 or 2 on the list. Their career IS fame.
So if you are headed in that direction, no I wouldn't say a one-person organization is going to get there. You need connections and resources- collab with other established producers and people that specialize in other areas. Build relationships with those that are where you want to be. The ideal situation is you have creative control, yet are not doing it all yourself.
The bottom line: commercial success depends on how much money OTHER people can make from you.
Have the talent, be pretty, sure, but I think you got to have that incessant, unquenchable capitalist thirst and hustle. This also includes street hustle. When you get a million views, eventually people will want to dive deeper into your game.
No, online promotion in this case is not a waste of time, it is a prerequisite, the bare minimum.

But not every artist needs to be commercially successful to acheive success. These days, it appears to me that a business minded person could just as well learn to produce music and sell, compared to a typical musician getting into marketing and promotion.