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I am not sure what you mean. I don't own a Pacific Microsonics. We used one once [rental]. I was just saying I though I remembered it having some sort of tweakable filter / limiting circuitry. There was something like that.

Are they still considered the holy grail of converters, I wonder?

The other one I remember that I used a bunch for a while [a loaner] was a Weiss AD1. I know that had a limiter built in that could be set to a pretty extreme degree for cutting loud.

I was speaking in the context of this thread, the op was asking about converters used in early 2000s. There were hdcd players at the time with a little green light that would light up if the hdcd encoding was enabled. Hdcd is a pm system designed to increase dynamic range if I remember correctly. Probably the equivalent to a few bits or so.

I know some users here still use and love this converter design.