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Old 23rd May 2020
Hey man, I'll give my feedback.

This reminds me of being at the Texas Jam in 1987(?), waiting for ZZ Top to come one stage (Santana was co-main and stole the show, BTW), but this song reminds me of the music they would play in between sets. i.e. That''s some real late 80's glam-rock right there. Ha ha

Man, not my genre, but it's definitely catchy...are you on the guitar? The singer voice is familiar if not one of any generic glam-rock lead singer (RATT, WASP, Poison, Skid Row, et al. ha ha. (I grew up with the cats that were in that Pantera so would go and watch them at venues where those other bands would be. .

I was more in to Rush, Yes, Tull, and all the prog rock sh*t...SO, I give it B. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes that genre. You did a good job.

What's so terrifying about it, anyway? As long as you like it, that's ALL that matters.