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Originally Posted by Jeezo View Post
Studio one ? man you know my heart is fragile !!!

As for DSP , i would GO UAD if i really need dsp^(UAD, half of the stuff are there in native) simply because of consistant quality , maintenance AND DRIVERS .

Antelope (stories around the software side aren't encouraging , for me it's not quite mature and stable but i migt be wrong)

As for waves , if more plugin dev would have embraced it it would be great , but i dodn't even know if PA still does it .... sonnox if i recall well still ... notice i did my research and digigrid has a fan
Yeah, not really sure of the Digigrid either due to not a lot of support, not really into buying Waves that much anymore due to weird upgrade and wack practices.

Antelope looks promising but you can only do 6 plugins per unit or something like that? Is that true?

UAD seems cools but then I feel like I'm buying into Pro Tools HD again but, I guess that will always be the case.

Let's see when I get the processor upgrade if that will be enough. Hopefully it will for a while.

Thanks as always my friend, Marc