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Hope you got a cpu with a real high single core score along with a lot of cores, you’re gonna be floored with what it can do at 88/96 and think you’re in some parallel universe if you keep things at 48 lol

If you got something as good as a Ryzen 1700 overclocked to 3.6, you’re in good shape. I use the scores at

UAD unison and console makes recording much easier and they have some really brilliant stuff. Capitol Chambers is probably a must-have. It can definitely help you if your native cpu power runs low.

I’ve been comparing the IK432 against Scarlet4 in preparation for this PA release. Never really used Sontec-based stuff before. What you said about it is spot on. I was just doing simple stuff with it. Boost 1-3 at 100hz cut 1 at 470 or whatever that 400 frequency is and boost 1-3 at the 7 or 8k frequency. Sometimes I’d play around with the Q values on Scarlet and the 5 and 6 numbers on IK. I’d almost always use the filters on both to move things down one notch each.

Results were hard to tell apart between the IK and Scarlet. Also got similar results trying to match it with Dangerous Bax, Nseq, VSE-2, and Tube Tech MK2. Scarlet would be cool to have, but I feel it can wait until they have another one of those 70% off sales. But I wouldn’t be surprised if AA ran a flash sale on it if they wanted to pick up people who were disappointed with this Amek.

Looks like I don’t even need to try this out. Maybe if it were $50. Even then, Acustica always has some plugin or plugin suite on sale for a little more than that. Waves has their blowout sales as usual too. If this eq is really this bad, sounds like the other PA offerings that go for $25 are a better investment. For $350, these plugins have to be absolute game-changers.
Hey VB, thanks for the reply. I'm getting the Mac Pro 12 core x2 24 core upgrade to my Mac Pro 4 core Mac now.
I mainly use Logic Pro for music and Pro Tools 11HD for recording and mixing.
The fact that I can mix on the 4 core tells you I'm very proficient and know my plugins and what power they use and how to get around using computer power.
With that said, I've tried AA plugins before and they never did well with my system. Way too power hungry so, I stay away from those.
The IK 432 is probably in my top 10 hungry computer hungry plugins ala Waves Reverbs (25%+), Relabs (All Of Them (35%+), Tverb (25%+), CLAMixHub (12%+), Softube Harmonic (23%+), Kush Clariphonic (12%+) and a few others. This has forced my to use other plugins that I probably would have either stopped using or just didn't buy/use and I'm so thankful for that.
There are some absolutely amazing plugin that are very low on cpu but are amazing in quality and vibe.
I only use the IK 432 EQ when I'm 90% done. It's mainly for part of the finished sound. It's a lot that goes into that sound.

Thanks again, Marc