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Old 22nd May 2020
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X-Station keeps jumping into KS mode

Hey Folks

I hope I have chosen the right channel for this post - I am a noob, so hopefully not breaking too many protocols with my first post.

I have an X-station 25, which I use for synthesis. I am getting the hang of the oscillators and LFOs. I usually send the notes over midi from Logic, then shape and record the audio back from the X-station.

The problem I have is that every time I touch something in Logic (start a new recording, or perform an edit on a note in the midi editor, or even just click on it), the X-station jumps into KS mode and I have to push the 'play' button to put it back into play mode. I also lose the tempo setting on the Arpeggiator, so have to dial that back in and it's all a bit of a pain in the a55.

Any pointers to stop the X-station doing this would be very cool if anyone out there has resolved this before?