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airspace behind absorption panel


I am in the process of making some acoustic panels. They have 2" wedge foam on the exteriors and cardboard backing. I am going to hang them on the walls like lightweight pictures.

I also placed 1" foamular (lightweight rigid building foam) behind the cardboard. I read that if you create an airspace behind the panel, it extends the bass absorption by a little bit. It also allows for the addition of 1" 703 paneling behind the main panel in the future. So my panels have a 1" airspace behind them. It's not solid foamular. I cut it out like a picture frame, so it's like a rectangle picture frame made out of foamular.

Is there a lot of real-world gain by creating a 1" airspace behind the panel? I read something like "acoustic energy" or "acoustic velocity" is greatest at the boundary. So maybe my 2" foam is acting sub-optimally if it is not flush against the wall. I could actually be making my panels less effective. But I don't know.

It's quite time consuming creating the 1" airspace backing. So I could be talked out of it, even though it allows for nice backlighting effects.