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Hey, Hellohead, do you do your own mastering as well?
Ya I do, I have my mastering chain in Sequoia that I have as my template then go from there. Then I AB with wav files of a few records that I like sonically and match what I'm hearing.

My mastering chain:

Sonoris Compressor or SPL Iron vst (-2 to 3db gain)
Equilibrium (high pass at 30hz or sometimes more if I added too much bass, notch a bit at 350hz and add a bit of mids and highs)
Izotope Exciter (I use it in retro mode)
Spectre (sometimes, to add more bass and highs)
Izotope Maximizer in either transient mode or the balanced/crispy mode
Sonoris dither (very important to me, except it does add 3 seconds silence at the end, which I usually remove after and render again with nothing on the chain)

If your mix is well balanced, mastering is fairly straightforward I find. Usually problems arise with too much bass, not de essing the vocals enough as highs are added, kick being too upfront or the bassline not notched enough, the Weiss DA is great at pointing those problem areas with a good sub that's calibrated to be just a bit there with the dynaudio monitors.