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Listen to those records again tell me what you think of the kick drum sound.

Or the bass.

Or the guitars.

The vocals 'stand out' on those recordings because let's be honest, the mix is mostly vocals. If audiences would stand for that in 2020, I am sure you could get the vocal to sound as if they were right in front of you. It's not technological "magic" - hey some of those same mics are still in service - it's simply a different aesthetic. It's not "better" IMO, that would be a matter of taste.

If I mixed a modern band's song like a Perry Como record, the singer might dig it, but the guitar players would be outside my door with torches and pitchforks.
Squizeme, wut?

You're not actually comparing the relevance of the kick drum to the relevance of Frank's voice - in a Frank Sinatra song, are you?
A voice is a voice and kick is just a kick - you kick it. Occasionally. Frank sings in English, which is important, and drummer drums in a language that no one understands, namely Musical.