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Here for the gear

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You used hyperbole, comparing North Korea and PA/Dirk to make the latter seem worse than they are. Why is that?

I do not like restricting free speech and think it is a bad move by PA to introduce censorship in their facebook group. Why? Because in places where posts do not get deleted, ideas and opinions are thrashed out by reason, contrast, comparison, logic and fairness. In such places truth will eventually emerge victorious from the ashes of resentment and overly emotional and distorted sentiments.

I do however understand there may be a need to manage rising resentment that will likely become toxic if not managed one way or the other. Genuine concerns are of course fine as long as they are genuine and not from people who merely portray themselves as genuine and caring.

What do you think of Gearslutz in terms of censorship? Does it allow for the range of human expression that exists in a forum for bikers or boxers?

I actually explained to you why. I told you that it's the same mechanism, just in different scales. But you seem to want to thread the same waters, even after I explained it.

Suppression - the action of suppressing something such as an activity or publication.

I am fairly new to Gear Slutz, so I can not have an opinion on how Gear Slutz work. I mean I have been a member for years, but it's not a forum I frequent a lot, so not sure how things move in here.

I saw that Dirk said that if people didn't have anything nice to say, they should move on to Gear Slutz. They have been handling this thing badly for a long time and it just shows more and more. And at the moment, I don't have a lot of nice to say about PA, to be honest, so here I am, by recommendation from Dirk. And it seems like a lot of people feel the same.

Personally I have probably only bought a couple of plug ins directly from PA. When they started with the rent scheme all of their plug ins dropped like flies in second hand marked, so I managed to get pretty much every single plug in I wanted for very very low price, without putting money in their pocket. So actually for some of the customer groups, their strategy pushes people away and they will find other ways. They might have gained some customers, but they lost another bunch.

They choose to handle things like they do. I just can't support it anymore as they are blatantly trying to force people to the rent scheme.