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Here for the gear

Equipment used Classic Wu-Tang productions

Hey guys

Do you know what equipment was used for the old classic Wu productions like Raekwon - only built 4 Cuban Linx, GZA - Liquid Swords, Method Man - Tical?

I am not looking for the vocal side of things. I am more interested about the beats. I know the sound is very rough and raw and gritty but it also has a very nice warmth in it. I dunno maybe saturation, tube compressor??? I know the beats came out of RZA's Roland drum machine, but was used beside the drum machine? What about for example an Avalon Channel Strip? Or any other equipment. I once saw the whole list of equipment of the D&D Studios....

Additional to my question do you guys know how I can get that nice warm sound / saturation with todays plugins? The UAD Avalon maybe? Again I'm looking for the beats side of things. My productions are not as raw as the 90s Wu stuff, but should have an equal warmth in it.

Thanks guys!