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New music/old music debate; might depend on where you are looking regarding placements. I've heard both used for TV commercials as well as film. Indie films often use "older" sounds as well esoteric music that might have difficulty finding a home elsewhere. Most music libraries I've encountered had almost zero use for anything "trad" sounding. So, judging by my experience, I would say that to be current (or have that ability along with whatever else you do) might be the best policy (for placements) unless you are an "artist" carving out a career based on your own style.
Regardless, the "meat" of popular music is still found, since the 50's, within the family of Diatonic chords...being creative within those sounds is where the art comes in.
Just my opinion.....respect to all here.
Hey, Hellohead, do you do your own mastering as well?
New here and after reading through most of this thread, definitely wanted to touch on this real quick. If you're making 'older music' (i really tried to read through some of that dialogue but my attention span failed me so idk if we're like talking 'wu-tang' kinda old or "I'm dropping a harpsichord mixtape" type vibes), there's damn near a market for anything and everything you really just have to put the effort into tapping into it.

To this end—a few brilliant minds put Yeezus into an orchestra "Yeethoven" [and the guy who did that has a classical music background and is doing wonderful things in the mainstream world with traditional composition methods] and some guy got famous on Apple music for making a track of utter silence (so that way when you started up your iPhone, you wouldn't here Ed Sheeran's "A-team" every damn time you started driving).

You can find a niche for a lot of things.