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To me most of the fun of using the 707 and the TR is programming everything on the fly. I’ve done live shows on a TR-909 and TR-8 where it’s just running the entire time and I’m making new patterns on various drums and then slamming them into the mix. Once you become good at this you can even do cool little edits and things pretty easily if you so choose.

Especially if you have everything else sequenced just start practicing doing it live alongside that **** while working to hit your transitions on time. Maybe you won’t like that. But for me that’s how you get energy into the track.

Definitely don’t do the chopping things up like it’s a jungle track suggestion. If you like the sound of old Chicago and Detroit records, they were most likely doing one of two things: playing the drums live like I said, or using an MPC with samples. Look at old Cajmere, his **** is MPC60 almost entirely.