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The vocals 'stand out' on those recordings because let's be honest, the mix is mostly vocals. If audiences would stand for that in 2020, I am sure you could get the vocal to sound as if they were right in front of you. It's not technological "magic" - hey some of those same mics are still in service - it's simply a different aesthetic. It's not "better" IMO, that would be a matter of taste.
This is a huge part of it. Another big part of it is that the vocalist is in a real room, sometimes with the band and interacting with the band. A huge part of it is that the vocalists you're talking about were very very skilled people. They knew how to work the microphone, they knew how to take advantage of the room, they didn't need fifty punches in every line.

But these are songs, and it's about the song, it's not about the backing band, so the mix is all built around the vocal with the vocal very prominent.

I'll still record and mix stuff like this occasionally when I have a group that can do it. It sounds great.