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Old 22nd May 2020
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While the ATC sounds great its still a mixing speaker IMHO. I have spent about 10 hours in a treated room on them. They are a bit slow on the bass without the ports sealed. They have a tendency to make things sound nicer than they should be.

The Genlec 8341A I actually shot out yesterday against The ATC SCM25. The room treatment solution built into them is fantastic, simple and works very very well.
But like a lot of these monitors it has that dry studio monitor DSP sound to the system. Very hard to hear the subtle color of the boxtone on high end mastering units eg: high quality valve hardware, tape, transistor etc. If you were %100 in the box that might make it less of an issue. ATC is much more natural sounding by comparison.

Again not a mastering speaker so much as a really top end mixing speaker. They are very colored. They do work exceptionally well at low volume and right up close. Really balanced at low SPL. If I was looking for a late night non fatiguing system to work on where high SPL is an issue they are fantastic for that.
Exceptional on and off axis sound.

Both are quite band limited next to a full range mastering system and don't give you enough resolution for mastering. You really need to be able to hear more issues than the mixing engineers and you can't do that if you are using the same monitors that music is tracked and mixed on.

I suspect that the Genlec 8341A sitting on top of that Genelec W371A SAMâ„¢ Adaptive Woofer System would turn it into a formidable full range system but at that price you would just get a full range ATC System or other top end system.

At the end of the day if I was looking for mastering I would not want to send it to an engineer who didn't have access to a full range solution.

IF you have spent a lot of time on full range high end systems you get a kind of understanding that translates down to smaller speakers. But until you have done that its very hard to understand what you are missing. And at times you will miss a lot.

If it was me I would invest in amps and a second hand pair of quality HiFi full range speakers rather than mixing speakers.