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Old 22nd May 2020
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What are your experiences with the iPad Pro 3rd generation and DAWs?


I'm using mine since January 2019.

Without taking some DAW features into account, such as manually adjustable latency compensation, tempo changes etc., I wonder what DAW runs most painless on an iPad Pro 3rd generation.

The only sample rate that works for audio production on an iPad Pro 3rd generation seems to be 44.1 KHz. When working on a 44.1 KHz project on Cubasis or Auria Pro, without using an USB audio interface, some synth plugins are detuned, Auria's advanced audio routing capabilities could suffer from distortion. I'm testing MTS Studio at the moment, it seems to work with and without an USB audio interface. I don't know, if it happens on the expense of something else, such as DSP load, since I just started testing.

If there would be no issues with the iPad Pro 3rd generation, my favourite DAW would be Auria Pro and for some jobs I would be in favour of Cubasis. However, at the moment I'm testing MTS Studio, which might workaround some of the iPad Pro 3rd generation pitfalls.

My impressions:

Cubasis 2/3
- comfortable MIDI routing
- rudimentary, hardly usable mixer, it's shameless that Steinberg didn't provide a free upgrade from version 2 to 3
- Export to share project with another DAW works more or less flawlessly
- Due to iPad Pro 3rd generation issues some synth plugins are detuned
- Concept of a classic DAW

Auria Pro
- annoying MIDI routing
- usable mixer
- MIDI export is completely broken
- Due to iPad Pro 3rd generation issues some synth plugins are detuned
- Concept of a classic DAW

MTS Studio
- usable mixer
- Export to share work with another DAW not tested yet
- Until now no synth plugin is detuned
- Unusual DAW concept, probably unsuitable for long projects, likely ok for short radio play length songs

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation)
Model MTFR2FD/A A1876

An overview of the software available for me as of today.

The USB audio interface is a prosumer Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd generation, but I want to be able to work on a project also without an external interface attached.

Due to the issues, I still refrain from paying for a professional audio interface, for usage with the iPad Pro. ADAT gear is at hand, but not tested with the iPad Pro.