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After reading some responses in this thread I'm a bit afraid to answer...

Well, for the last two-three years I'm very much into Japanese music. I'm not sure if it qualifies strictly as Jpop however. My main focus currently are singers-songwriters like Anri Kumaki, Maiko Fujita, Ai Kawashima, Aoi Teshima etc etc, but I also love some of the more "plastic" stuff like Garnidelia or the aforementioned Perfume. Some AKB48 or other idol groups are also welcome (in moderate doses ). And yeah, it all started with anime and game opening songs for me

That also influenced my recent output. So far I have posted two such tunes on YT:

What I like the most about Japanese songs that I listen to is that they still put strong emphasis on melody, and use the chord progressions that I love, but which went out of fashion in the West some 30 years ago
I mean - pop is mostly all about the cliches, but I love their cliches