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I shamelessly appropriate j-pop/rock cliches. You don't generally hear me about it because of popular mindsets as seen in this thread.

People who don't listen to anime music don't need to know why my music sounds happy and dramatic at the same time. And for those who've seen Cowboy Bebob, well, they can feel 'in the know'.

Wish there was a J-music production ap(propr/prec)iation thread somewhere though.

PS: Cultural appropriation is awesome if you consider it a thing. It's sad to want to keep stuff all to yourself.
Culture, music, they are like water. They flow around and take their shape from the lay of the land around them. Not owned. Only constrained til they flow differently.

Have listened/watched some Jpop stuff. Some of it was interesting, some not so much. Does liking Babymetal count? Very tight performances, super intricate shows. Not even a junior metalhead here, but still enjoy it.