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I'm glad you're getting paid to masturbate. more power to you.
There are lots of webcam chicks out there getting paid to masturbate as well.
Are they artists?

Please show me the huge hit world renowned record made by one person.
Written, arranged, performed, produced, engineered, tracked, overdubbed, edited, mixed, mastered, art laid out...etc me the record with one name and one name only in the credits.

The original question was "is promoting music on social media a waste of time?" I say yes, if you're sitting alone in a room making one man music...we just really dont need anymore of that crap.....and when the fk would you have time, anyway?...totally on topic.

Your music is selling (somewhere, according to you...I'll accept this as fact even though the source is dubious.) Therefore it must be similar to other music that is selling, as if it were too far outside that norm it would not be selling. The music that is selling has been consistently ****e over the last decade. It is therefore easily deduced that your music conforms to current norms...QED

And what kind of deluded narcissist honestly believes that something they banged out all by themselves in a dillitante way is superior to what it would be were it produced by a group of individuals with specialized skills in specific areas, each focused on one or two aspects of the project?

Easier does not equal better
I love a lot of electronica, retrowave, and modern metal. A lot of what's coming out of those genres are one man acts. Lana Del Rey is another act I love that often has a single writer. It's true that she's the performer, not the writer, but none the less, the music can be written by a single person...

I think your notion that we all have to fall in line to the exact bounds of whatever the last huge hit left behind is misguided and chokes creativity. There's something to be said about the focused art that comes from solo artists.

Of course, the brainstorming that comes from a focused group can be killer as well, but it's rarer.