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I'm glad you're getting paid to masturbate. more power to you.
There are lots of webcam chicks out there getting paid to masturbate as well.
Are they artists?
Bit of a left field comparison that...also nothing like relevant.

Arguably Led Zep, the grateful dead, The Doors, Zappa were a group masturbation's just others liked to watch. It's not really any different to a solo artist is it? What about Prince?

Please show me the huge hit world renowned record made by one person.
Written, arranged, performed, produced, engineered, tracked, overdubbed, edited, mixed, mastered, art laid out...etc me the record with one name and one name only in the credits.
No-one actually said any of that. You're claiming music only counts if it's played by a group of people. I think we'd all agree that teamwork is necessary for success. The idea one person can produce music on their own doesn't refute that.

FWIW much music that is popular now is made by one or maybe two people. Much EDM is played, produced, recorded and mixed by the same person. Pop still has specialist mixers and sometimes recordists...but hey, plenty of one man produce/record/mix specialists in "the glory days".

The original question was "is promoting music on social media a waste of time?" I say yes, if you're sitting alone in a room making one man music...we just really dont need anymore of that crap.....and when the fk would you have time, anyway?...totally on topic.
Well, arguably that's the same if you're in a band playing to 10 people at the local pub. We don't really NEED more of that crap either. The problem is you're assigning more value to the pub band than to the one man bedroom producer.

Your music is selling (somewhere, according to you...I'll accept this as fact even though the source is dubious.)
Turns out I'm very good friends with his former publicist, so I can vouch for that too.

Therefore it must be similar to other music that is selling, as if it were too far outside that norm it would not be selling. The music that is selling has been consistently ****e over the last decade. It is therefore easily deduced that your music conforms to current norms...QED
Again - value judgement that's really personal. Kids who like Bieber and Billie Eilish probably would say your fave music is "boring". Or pop music of your day was rubbish or something. They're entitled to their opinions too! That's the beauty of art..

And what kind of deluded narcissist honestly believes that something they banged out all by themselves in a dillitante way is superior to what it would be were it produced by a group of individuals with specialized skills in specific areas, each focused on one or two aspects of the project?
Tell that to Zappa or Prince or Stevie? Bon Iver or Tame Impala? Or Mutt Lange or someone....The thing is, if someone is trying to make a band sound by themselves...yep, you have to be exceptional in many kind of unrelated areas for it to be comparable.

But computer based production...too many people is often detrimental. One guy with featured vocalists, or maybe two is often plenty. And as I said, no-one is suggesting you do the mastering/promo/management/artwork as a one man thing, unless you have to.

Easier does not equal better
raggedman meet straw one said it was.