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Yes around that time we printed mixes from the console to Panasonic DATs and Studer A80 1/4 (mostly)

If memory serves me well started to print to HD in the early 2000s likely Session 8 or Audiomedia I .....
panasonic 3800s from memory. they were good. early 90s.

session 8 and audiomedia 2, was also a bit earlier than the 2000s.

i remember working in a Neve/studer studio, maybe 1993/94 ish, and remember Session 8 being around then, or maybe slightly before that.

Session 8 was running on the old 486 IBM. even before pentium. i vaguely remember Audiomedia 2 as being Pre my G3 mac from 1996 or therabouts.

we must be showing our age