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Old 21st May 2020
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converters in 2020

yes, I have done searches... I run an apogee da 16x and an original lynx aurora 16 (6 years old maybe) with hdx with CS Hedd 192 capturing the final mix (not the quantum)... It basically goes through an ssl matrix (lots of outboard) and I still use a fulcrum to mix my drums, then back to two channel on the console (nothing beats the dakings for makeup gain... and I have tried many pres)...

I am feeling out of date, but at 96k is there much difference... I hear great things about the Burl but not sure I can afford it.

So, I am looking at the Orion 32hd gen 3 or the lynx 32n... I have read the issues with the Orion but I understand they have been worked out for my needs?

Thoughts on the lynx n or Orion HD over the original Lynx?

I actually like the apogee da16x over the original lynx aurora for most things (nice analog colour) and the hedd is pretty much indistinguishable from just hearing the console outs through the speakers or having it in record back into PT... I prefer the hedd with the simulators off as there is a loss of depth for me, with even with just the tape engaged.

Anyways, does the quantum sound much better than the hedd 192 and the Orion HD gen 3 vs Lynx N... and how they compare to the original auroras?