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nah, an ESQ missing the original waveforms wouldn't be an ESQ that users are happy with. they'd get slagged for it. i'm guessing the legal end of it would be a mess, but i'd love to see them pull through with it.
I just wonder how different a waveform has to be before it’s legally a new waveform. Maybe not far enough to make a aural difference. Or maybe even improve upon them. I had the EQ-80 for a while, and for me it was a lot more about the filter than the waveforms. Many were pretty cheezy.

Radom thought: waveforms should be like fonts.

yes, the Synthi was very impressive. do check it out when you get a few minutes.
I did. I agree. They really did an excellent job capturing an analog vibe. That four note poly mode really extracts a high cost though... barely usable for me. One thing I missed was the pin matrix potentiometers, like XLIS 3/4 has, though to be honest, I’d be way happier if they just presented a user populated mod matrix like other software (including itself) do. It is one of those synths that’s so different, I’m really going to have to hit the manual to get the most out of it.