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I'm 1 person here making music, and my ****ty 1 man show has helped me and my wife buy a comfortable house for us and our kids, we paid our school debts and I still have a ton of money left, so maybe it's frowned upon by you to be a laptop producer, but I get to do what I love, make a lot of money and live a chill life. The group of people is not the issue here, the lack of good ideas is.

I can do on my own what a team of people can do, and frankly, I'm so proud I can do that, and that I'm a good example to my kids that you can do it without relying on a team of 20 people.

If you mean infrastructure? Ya I agree, I need my manager, assistant, lawyers, promo team on the label side and everyone on the pub side. But the music? I dont need anyone for that, and yes I do work with various musicians on various songs. Basically, if I need 10 people to make a song or just me, I'll roll with what I'm being given, I dont have a template or a "acceptable" way to do it. Listeners dont care how it's made, they just want to enjoy the music. The end result is always more important than the process, especially since the process changes from song to song.

I remember being in sessions where I was made fun of, i was pushed aside, women were verbally abused, but hey, i was still the guy who made the music, I put a few vocal ideas, made a guitar riff, and the song was good, so I decided to finish it and it did well. The process doesnt matter to me, I only care if the end result is great.

I get it if you're salty because I made a mil this year making music on a laptop, and I'll take it any year if you think I'm a hack, because I like pissing off people based off of what their music making standards are

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Way to make assumptions about the music I make, music you've never even listened to. You sound like a real dick.

And you're in this thread to give some advice about your successful music career and how to put yourself out there? Please, tell us your tips, we're all ears.
I wouldn't worry about him he's got more chips on his shoulder than all the fast food restaurants worldwide put together!

You're never going to convince someone in a narrow, slow lane that there's a world outside their window. They'd rather martyr themselves and have something to blame for a lack of success.