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80 db is a gain of 10,000. If that gain was applied to a .775 volt waveform the resulting output would be 7750 volts. It will take quite a bit of power supply voltage to avoid clipping that one.

Open loop gain (maximum available gain) and used gain are quite different things.
Well, I have a KGB-2, the 2 channel, no EQ version. I've used it both as a DI and as a line level makeup gain preamp for my two Altec/Langevin passive EQs on the 2 buss. It has never clipped on anything I've used it for. It's more than capable of driving a channel (or two) of my Studer A-800 as hard as any sane person would want. Somehow I doubt that it would have clipping problems with any digital audio interface. It will easily drive any power amp I have.

So, alphabet soup aside, this thing has no lack of headroom on a practical basis.