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I don't think any patents on the transwave tech are still standing, but there might still be copyrights on the waves themselves. I'm sure Creative would love to sue over the use of those, if they still own the IP.

Maybe team up with Dave Rossum and someone from the old Ensoniq (I can never remember those guys' names) to dream up an update with modern z-planes and transwaves and whatnot and put out a grand unified Emusoniq synth.
I’m sure you’re right about that, but it’s so stupid and short sighted of Creative. They’re sitting on IP that’s not generating a cent for them. Now, maybe the money from licensed waveforms is small potatoes to their bottom line, but as a marketing device, it would be invaluable. Just write the contract to read something like, “Any time Arturia’s logo is shown, it must be accompanied by the Creative logo. Any time Arturia’s name is mentioned in marketing materials, it must be proceeded by “In cooperation with Creative Labs...” Right now, I nearly never even think of Creative in any way but, “the fs that won’t give up or license the Ensoniq/E-MU IP.”