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If they can’t get the rights, just change the waveforms enough to not step on legal rights. ...
nah, an ESQ missing the original waveforms wouldn't be an ESQ that users are happy with. they'd get slagged for it. i'm guessing the legal end of it would be a mess, but i'd love to see them pull through with it.

Originally Posted by zerocrossing View Post
If you only think about the best of their current crop, that actually becomes a really good deal. Hell, I’d probably pay $250 or more for just the Synclavier and CMI V. The Buchla emulation is also a lot of fun. I think it was... maybe you, that told me that their Synthi emulation was better than XILS’s, though I’ve not tried it yet.
i've owned (v6) or tried all of them except for this new one, it's a hell of a deal for sure (unless i wait until after v8 has been out for a while and maybe have an offer of $199 again). it's a little over $10 a synth for all of them, i think. i'm trying to set aside money for the MC-707, but i might go for it. too much value to pass up, even if i hardly use most of them.

yes, the Synthi was very impressive. do check it out when you get a few minutes.