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i don’t understand how you can be used to working with chopping and sequencing breakbeat loops for jungle, but not apply the same mindset/workflow to recorded drum machine loops.

just by sampling a few different drum machine patterns you can come up with tons of variations by chopping and arranging them.
Ah, the difference is all in the visuals. When working with breakbeat loops as long as I have, using software such as Recycle and quantized midi notes to represent each drum 'slice', it gives me a constant visual, hands on approach, that is very easy to manipulate. When dealing with drum machines however, there is no visual and it is all in the unit. You aren't understanding. The entire point of my question was to NOT rely on recording the drum machines for sequencing, but instead, relying on the internal sequencer of the drum machine to put patterns together, to form complete songs, which means no visual whatsoever. I did not want to dump audio, chop those up and rearrange each hit, as in doing that, it loses the entire feel and groove that the internal sequencer offers of the drum machine. If that were the case, I might as well just use samples. I was simply inquiring about workarounds, in order to keep better organized in how I can put patterns together in the drum machines and omsk gave me an idea to have the best of both worlds. Yes, he dumps patterns to audio, but not without shortcomings. This is simply a means to put together a 'rough arrangement', to get things in the order you want, but all these patterns then get properly arranged in the internal sequencer of the drum machine, for the final mixdown. Takes more time, but I get to work more organized this way and it is much easier to simply plug in patterns in the order I want at the end, after I have seen it all in audio form, then dealing with chaining patterns together in the drum machine that I can't see at all. Gets a bit hairy in a 5-6 minute song with dozens and dozens of patterns all being mixed about. I am not one for repetition and copy and pasting, so I tend to get carried away in having variety in my tunes, which leads to a lot of extra time and work that I need to get a proper hold of.