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A few days ago I was told, by a friend @ a Major Label, that TIK TOK is HUGE for A&R guys...particularly in the POP genre.
Yep, that's where I get a lot of traction on some of my songs. I've had my songs used on Tik tok videos and also a video that 9gag posted which had my song (it got 10 mil views in 1 day, lots of shazams) , and also big time endorsement that helped by big radio people. Every little bit helps.

Another thing to know now is, any new song with a drop is not hot anymore, with a few small exceptions.

Tik tok has replaced vines for pop and hip hop. Tik tok is a thing because it started very small and grew with word to mouth and discovering, much like a lot of apps. If you start trying to be big right away, you fail (quibi for example). I'd be surprised if quibi actually takes off, they're already putting so much ad money just to gain subscribers (people dont want 1 more sub service), and frankly they're putting way more money than they are making at the moment.

The only way to break an act nowadays is to see which artist is going viral independently, and then it becomes a bidding war with multiple labels.