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"On average, how many 'different' patterns do you find you use in a track?"

Varies - I would say about 10 on average. The first track is only about 5 though I think.

I also only use 2 synths - alpha juno and juno 60 plus the occasional vocal stab in logic's sampler.

Like to keep it really simple.
Awesome! Wow, so 5-10 is all you do? I am definitely over doing it then. I tend to make pattern, after pattern, after pattern with simple little edits throughout and have dozens of them in the end, scattered all over the place, making it really hard to keep track of what is what. Ugh.

I have the TR-09 and TR-707, but also have an EM-U Orbit, Quasimidi Technox, Roland JV-1080 and an SH-01A that I hope to transition over from Jungle, to House/Techno. I too have a very large sampler library in HALion, that I tend to use in Cubase with vocal stabs etc. I have an Alesis Midiverb II and a Yamaha SPX990 for effects.

Thank you so much! You have been a great help. I checked your tracks and they are all such an inspiration for me. They sound so full and warm and that is the sound I am going to strive to achieve.

All the best with your music and maybe one day I will have something for you to check out, putting all your help to hard work!