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What I do with my TR-707 is program a bunch of different patterns. Then I record them into my DAW on a single audio track. I then chop them up in loops and move them around while I write and arrange a track. At the very end I program the entire drum track in the 707 in song mode and then record the drums on separate audio tracks. Yes, it's a bit of a faff but only takes 30 mins and you get that vibe.

I dont want to send the TR midi from my DAW as it just has a certain groove by itself (which may be imagined )

Best of both worlds.
THANK YOU! This is the kind of answer I am looking for!

So you are doing what I was thinking of doing, but I am wondering how it is working for you, as it doesn't so well, for me.

You said you program a bunch of patterns in the 707 and then record them into your DAW on an audio track, which you then chop up into loops (bars?) and move them around, to form an arrangement.

Do your loops line up cohesively when you do this? When I do this, the bars don't quite join together and upon playback, there is a small, but noticeable gap between each bar transition, that really kills the vibe.

I do see you mentioned that in the end, you end up using song mode anyways, so perhaps you do notice a playback issue and you are only arranging the recorded loops as a quick reference and template, which you then reprogram into the 707, for final playback?

No, you are not imaging things. The internal sequencer IS what gives these machines their soul and is exactly why I would like to stick with this workflow, much like you.

If you have any other insight, or details into how you are working in this manner, I would love to hear more from you. Your answer is exactly what I was looking for and I really appreciate it.

I may try what you are doing and use both recorded loops and song mode, in order to obtain my final track. Since the TR-09 and TR-707 work identically, I would like to adapt whatever method works best, for both machines.

Do you have any final tracks I could hear of you using your 707, in the above mentioned manner? I would really love to hear it!

Thanks so much again and I hope to hear more from you (or anyone else that can help out!)