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Everything I say is conjecture as I don't own the new machines.

But like the old ones, I assume you can make your own patterns within your daw and send the midi out to the TR, to trigger each part?

If you're exporting midi from the TR into your DAW, you may need to trim it if the tempo isn't sync'd. Or the TR may add a beat pre/post loop.
Hi there and thank you for the reply.

Yes, you can send midi to the units from the DAW, but this defeats the purpose of how the machines operate and how they deliver 'their sound', which is due to the way the internal sequencer works on each device. The internal sequencer is what gives the drum machines their definitive groove, feeling and overall sound. Programming the machines is a breeze, it is just trying to found out the best way to get all my patterns arranged in order, that is racking my brain. Song mode in the unit, which has its own set of problems, or recording each bar, one by one into Cubase, which has its own set of problems (unless I am missing something!)