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I am curious about your further experience and observations. Thank you for sharing this...
Will need more testing for sure. I found at 26k a Q of 2 on the Amek compared to a Q of 1 on my hardware (when a/bing at this more correct setting the hardware still has more airy clear sound). On the widest shelf on the Amek a boost at extends all the way down to 200hz.

So I'd recommend trying at tighter settings. That might change with frequency though as a mid range boost sounds more resonant at 2 than my hardware at 1 (where as the upper freq range sounded more similar in shape). Will check on Plugin doctor more later when I have time.

Overall it just sounds less focused to me, even with putting it into the less stereo mode (that matches the two channels). Again I can see it as a mix eq to get a vibe and balance. I imagine this might be what people like about it as it could make a flat mix seem to come alive. But for precise clean adjustments not sure it's as useful as other offerings like Maat or EQ1 (which itself has some vibe to).