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Originally Posted by chk027 View Post
I have Sonar 5 on my Dell, I don't record into my computer, but I can import.

I have a new MacBook but don't really use it for music. I want a Metric Halo ULN-2, but with garageband???????

Don't laugh but I use a MRS ZOOM 1044 to record my music. dfegad

I know how it functions and that lets me write my songs, and yes it doesn't sound Metric Halo, RME, Lavry, Prism GOOD, but I finish the songs without wanting to commit a violent crime. thumbsup

Sonar to me is impossible, I want to bring my .wav into the PC and master and mix my final copy using the great tools in SONAR, but I can't even cut a 4 click track at the beginning of a song, or import a drum loop, I F"N SUCK!

I will be reading to learn some NOT TRICKS but BASICS!!!!fuuck

I hope to learn from you guys thanks.....
feel free to start a private dialog with me at manthe ( a t ) gmail ( DOT )com (obfuscated for the bots). I'll be happy to help u learn in any way possible.