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Loudness is like crack, very moreish but very fatiguing.

Though its not my style, the track you posted was well produced and had creative arrangements and edits - not only would it be silly to overly squash it, it would be a shame!

As a DJ, I have control of my channel trims and master gain. If I notice a great track is half a 1 or 2db off the last I played (IF I notice) its not going to put me off playing it. Broadcasts and club systems are usually limited in such a manner some level of normalisation happens.
Spotify ect all aggressively normalise to -15LUFS.

My point is, people are drawn to great arrangements and creative approaches - not to what the RMS meter is reading.

Communicate openly with your mastering engineer, send reference tracks and be frank about your desire for 'loudness' - just accept it comes at a price.