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So doing the thing is no longer a thing then, is it?

Suppose that explains why I can't find anything I'd wanna listen to...

I'm sorry, GOOD music isn't made by one person alone in a room using a pc to take up the slack. I honestly dont even understand how or why anyone would want to do that, it is mind numbingly boring and could the result be anything else?

I dont care how much time you spend promoting it, it will pretty much always be a snoozefest. Kravitz can't even pull it off.
You seem to be out of touch with modern music, so I can understand your frustration. The world changes and the things we love become relics of a bygone era. It happens to us all.

The best thing to do is to step aside and let the younger generation have their turn at the wheel. The best thing to do is to show the younger people that you are humble enough to pass the torch without being jealous.