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Old 17th May 2020
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I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I think I may have just gotten a variant of this scam:

"I want you to help me Record songs for my 6 new artists and i will like you to know am out of the state for a business trip and i want to get this done before my arrival, so let me know if you can handle this for me perfectly, thanks"

This is the 3rd e-mail. First asked if we take credit cards [we sometimes do, but not from someone 200 miles away who seems to have no background information whatsoever]. He then asked about taking checks, which we do but only with a substantial down payment up front and time for the check to clear. He totally ignored the information about fees and sent me the above.

He's also texted and called on the phone but didn't leave a message when I didn't pick up. Again, no background information, no information on the artists - not even a genre - no information on how he fits into this scheme.

I've told him that we can't fit him in, but would gladly contact his agency or company when we can, to which I've not received a response.

Maybe I've just hit the studio jackpot, but I suspect not. Will publish name, e-mail and phone if folks think this would be helpful even though I can't prove it's a scam....
Just got my third message with this exact text (word-for-word). I've started blocking them but the messages always come from a different email address or phone number so it's impossible to keep perfect track...sigh.