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Digimax fs? Those look just like the 2626, is that the older version of it? I agree about the rear inputs kinda sucking, but I also like the remote control pres, I guess that's the tug isn't it? How do the digimax compare to the 2626 or even the dp88? Do you still have the remote control capability via software?
Yeah, they really do look like the 2626. The Digimax FS is a discontinued product:

Presonus DigiMax FS

I can't say what these sound like compared to the 2626 or the DP88, but they're the same XMAX discrete high-voltage class A preamps found in the Presonus line, so I'd have to say they're comparable sound-wise; attached to the Quantum they're identical enough to those preamps that I can't hear a difference once I've got the gain staging set (Quantum/DP88 has 60db gain where the Digimax units have 55db).

There's no adjusting gain remotely on the Digimax, or any other ADAT expansion except for the DP88 that uses Presonus's proprietary communications protocol. That may be crucial for some customers but it's not a real consideration for my uses since I set max gain and cut back with the software. The convenience factor didn't justify the expense of a DP88; I bought all four of mine for slightly under $200 (with power supplies).

And it was primarily the sound of these Digimax units that sold me. Once I'd recorded with and heard it I realized how harsh and metallic the Behringer ADA800s sounded in comparison. But all the built-in I/O -- 1/4" DAC outputs, 1/4" direct outputs and 1/4" inserts -- which to me are more useful than building or buying a DB25 breakout box or wiring up a patch panel.