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Well, the pedals probably CAN go into the line input - it won't hurt anything - but your level will likely be quite low and your tone will probably pretty much suck, because the line is a high level, medium impedance input and the pedal output will almost certainly be low level and intended to drive a very high impedance input so the lower impedance of the line input will load it down a lot.

No, passive DIs are fine, but don't get a cheap one. Cheap ones use substandard transformers (which is why they can be cheap), which have generally poor frequency response (especially in the low end) and substandard tone.The Radial JDI is a good choice.
Thanks so much for the info. I'm going to run the pedals into the Hi-Z input on the 610, and then from the 610 into a Henry Engineering Matchbox, which serves as a passive DI and converts the +4db to -10db for the tape deck. Cheers!