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it spanks drums like nothin' else, and brings loops to life in a way few other processes can; something about the knee on the spank mode transforms the lifeless transient that says "i am a drum sample, hear me limp".

truthfully, i think this box excels at extremes, it does fat and aggressive like nobody's business. and while it also does fine at more modest settings, i think there are a lot of boxes that do the subtle stuff better, and i also think that having control over time constants and ratios is more important when using the less-is-more approach.

it does a great job at softening digital edges, but it doesn't "warm" things to my ears, not the way my studer does. the fatso has a bit of a grainy tone to it, steely analog mojo grain like a 2254, but it's not quite as thick on the low mids as a 2254; it's got a little less weight, a little more definition. 2254 is my other favorite drum loop treatment fwiw.

fatso stays parked on my drum bus.