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Here for the gear

Morning to all.

Wanted to get a few pics posted and provide further commentary on this ZenMan project.

One can easily see the power supply topo beginning where the transformer of interest is located. This portion of the PCB Has the imprint BUDDA-PHATMAN, 1997, REV2.

The unit is the BUDDA, ZenMan, Pure Vacuum Tube Overdrive, from Zen Engineering. (4 stages). S/N000678

As mentioned, the 12VAC internal tranny has no output. Filtering in the supply is comprised of reservoir caps of X2, 10uF./450VDC. Next filter stage uses Nichon's (X2) 47uF.250VDC caps .Both using series dropping 1/4 watt resistors. The final (used) A+ and B+ are applied to tube's plates.

Externally powered by wall tranny (walwart) at 125VAC Primary and 12VAC secondary. Original supply rated at 1 Amp. Present Jameco is rated at 1.5 Amps.

The internal (failed) tranny takes a 12VAC primary feed and generates a secondary voltage that is still unknown. I still seek that spec but it (stock) appears to be elusive.
As mentioned, my client would prefer to repair in a stock fashion. Of course, my many options offers ranges of plate voltages, up to 300 VDC or downward towards the upper 100's. Am looking at a 12VAC tranny provide a nice 200-210 VDC secondary for full wave rectification.

STILL listening out for what that "magic" secondary "WAS",..but not waiting long on moving forward
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