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Yeah I generally do listen to amp in the room.
Use the modeler to track most often because it’s quicker and instant recall etc.
But I also compared with modeler amp combo vs tube amp combo. Tube amp sounds pretty good. Modeler is decent for what it is.

As to cone cry, speaker moving.
That’s deinfitely a thing guys.

I mean the speaker cabinet changes your sound as much if not more than most amps for one.
The rattling of some of those old cabinets is part of the sound for two. The wattage of the speaker, the frequencies at which it vibrates the speaker cabinet.

That’s real life physics that gets recorded that modelers don’t reproduce, folks.
They both have their place.

And yes, I know if you’re sikoly close miking a cab you’re probbaly not going to get the cab rattling as much, etc.

It’s still a completely quantifiable thing.
It exists. Whether you hear it or it makes a difference to you or somebody else.
It exists. Blind tests can only do so much.
You guys should take this to FDA trial levels and do randomizes controlled tests.
You will be now challenged to "prove" what you are saying. When examples of the cone cry alone are all over the net and have been ther4e for over a decade.

Ditto for speaker compression, distortion...
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